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Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

June, 2019 3

Ode to Hamra Street

[This article was first published in An-Nahar on June 21, 2019] Today’s urban hike is from Achrafieh to #Hamra Street, four kilometers away. Ten minutes in, I reach the Green Line, splitting Beirut into two warring zones in the civil war. During the war, it felt like it was much further away. East Beirut versus West [...]

Dan AzziDan Azzi

An Explosive Time at a Beirut Nightclub

(Originally published in An-Nahar June 16, 2019, 14 months before the Port Explosion) There’s no question that our nightlife is one of the best in the world, and, having been to 80 countries, I can authoritatively make that claim. Obviously, you usually go to these joints at night, where the darkness and lighting add to the trendy design [...]

Dan AzziDan Azzi

A tale of two Lebanons

(This article was originally published in An-Nahar on June 2, 2019) I heard that one of my favorite restaurants is closing. I love that place, not because you can glimpse the who’s who in the country, but the food and service are great, and the charming manager reminds me of a bygone era. I dress like I don’t belong there, so one waiter, [...]

Dan AzziDan Azzi