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Till Death Do Us Part

[This article was first published in An-Nahar in April 2019. This is a work of fiction. Any similarities between actual wives and events is purely coincidental] We were young. We were poor. We fell in love. We got married. We had two beautiful children. We rose up the socioeconomic ladder. We went on phenomenal vacations. We saw the [...]

Dan AzziDan Azzi

The Painting

[This article was first published in An-Nahar on May 29, 2019] It was a blotch that literally looked like someone had dipped a brush in red paint and splashed the empty canvas, then with orange, and finally some black — an explosion of random colors, aka modern art. I’m no expert, but the whole thing would take my five-year-old kid three [...]

Dan AzziDan Azzi

Nights in Heaven and Hell

[This article was first published in An-Nahar in December 2018] So the other day I died, which got me into a bit of a pickle, as I found myself standing in line at the Gates of Heaven. I never thought much about the afterlife, but, surprisingly, my image had turned out quite accurate. There was a long line, with blond, burly guys at the [...]

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Random Encounters

Actual Message sent September 14, 2017, from the US Consulate in Beirut to its citizens: Due to ongoing threats to locations such as the Casino Du Liban in Jounieh, Lebanon, the US Embassy in Beirut has barred any movement of US government staff to that Casino. As always, the U.S. Embassy will continue to evaluate the movements of its [...]

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