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Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

Random Encounters

Actual Message sent September 14, 2017, from the US Consulate in Beirut to its citizens: Due to ongoing threats to locations such as the Casino Du Liban in Jounieh, Lebanon, the US Embassy in Beirut has barred any movement of US government staff to that Casino. As always, the U.S. Embassy will continue to evaluate the movements of its [...]

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Gentrification in Beirut

When you think of wars, to most people they seem so theoretical, so academic, so “high school history.” Like when you’re walking through the ruins in Rome and being told about Roman history and its vast empire. Like when you’re walking through a tour of Gettysburg and being shown where General Lee was applying his brilliant tactics [...]

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Nouveau Riche & Lebanese Culture

If you want to understand Lebanese culture, you can start by examining some of the idioms. Let’s look at the term “nouveau riche” which, in Lebanon, is a derogatory term, meaning someone who is recently wealthy, as opposed to inherited wealth, and therefore does not behave properly like people who are accustomed to wealth.  The [...]

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